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What's It About?

Structured 10 week course with videos, text and exam exercises to help you study for your final electrical exams.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”, Pele (Brazilian footballer).  You have nearly completed 4 years of apprenticeship, you know more than you think.  It’s the final push so do your self a favour and knuckle down and study for those last exams. The goal, don’t forget, is that electrical licence.

Course Features

Course Features

The course offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience or follow a proscribed sequence of learning.

Effective Lessons

All lessons has been designed by experienced teachers with teaching techniques to help students achieve their goals.

Awesome Quizzes

Stand alone and integrated questions help prepare students for capstone or final exams.

Quality Videos

Down to earth videos that you can replay time and again to get that elusive point across.


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My name ….. Brett Bishop

Hi. I’m Brett, your host for this website. I’ve been an electrician for over forty years and teaching for a quarter of that time.  The trade has been good to me so I have put this website together to help up and coming tradies. I am passionate about students gaining knowledge, not in the traditional chalk and talk method but in a way that meets their preferred learning style.  Hence there are lots of videos and info that can be accessed with a mobile phone ….. where you want, when you want.

What People Say

What people said about Capstone Connection.

Mitchell Von Nida

Mitchell Von Nida

Honestly, Capstone Connection was extremely helpful, would not have passed without it.  If you’re an apprentice coming up to your Capstone this site is a must.

David Mole

David Mole

“Capstone Connection was an essential resource, and was the sole reason I was able to pass my final exams.  Everything you need to know is readily available from the website.

From the in-depth video tutorials, to the practice scenarios and questions.  It was available from one place, and allowed me to gain confidence from home.

Capstone Connection is crucial for any apprentice that has their capstone coming up.  I cannot rate it highly enough.”

Joshua Neuendorf2

Joshua Neuendorf

“Capstone Connection is a fantastic website that helps fine tune any skills or questions we may have missed or forgotten.  It is very beneficial to upcoming capstone participants.”

Tristan Mason2

Tristan Mason

“After completing 3rd year I started to use Capstone Connection to freshen up on everything needed to go into capstone with confidence.  Honestly it made a massive difference for me as it was the perfect guide for what I needed to focus my time on.  I would not have had such a smooth capstone without it. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.”


Brock O’Shannessy

“Capstone Connection gives you everything you need.  Building off a real and simple foundation.  Very thorough and orderly examples allow you to grasp each stage, making it possible to see the bigger picture.  Highly recommended videos.  Could not have passed capstone without it.”

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