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Our Impact

The website started 3 years ago and during that time has had over 4000 students.

Capstone can be pretty stressful and you have probably completed all your courses so it is pretty hard to rely just on your notes (if you have any), so this site will guide you along for a successful outcome. You are got here by word of mouth, the apprentice grapevine, so you are in the right place. Study where you want, when you want.

What we do

We have resources to help you pass Capstone, your final examinations for your electrical apprenticeship.


We have step by step learning to help you understand the processes and calculations.


The videos are short and to the point with language that you can understand.

Test Yourself

We have multiple examinations to check your progress. We have past examinations from different States as well.

Not Alone

You may study alone but help is available. Check out the comments on each section or if you are still stuck contact us via email and we’ll get back to you.

Our numbers that speak

Check out some of our stats!

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