Our Story

The website started in it's basic form in May 2018 with the intention of helping 3rd year electrical apprentices with theory for design of an installation. With no advertising, only with word of mouth, apprentices have been letting other apprentices know of the website and was found to be helpful in preparation for final exams. Now in 2020 the website has been reformatted to accommodate learning in a step by step mode to build upon a students learning foundations.

“Students in this day and age are as astute as the students in the past.  It’s just that they look at things differently and learn in a different way.”

Brett Bishop
Founder –  Capstone Connection


Capstone Connection is a website primarily for electrical apprentices in Australia and New Zealand although the odd tradesman has been known to have a look (and persons from other countries).  The website was developed by Brett Bishop, who is currently teaching electrical theory, and found that there is a need to tie all the relevant theories together for the apprentices final exams.


Although the website is free, access is through registration and there is a time limit of 10 weeks where all materials can be accessed.  If longer is required then extensions can be arranged on request.  We have found that videos are the preferred medium for students as they can be viewed when opportunities arise during a student’s busy day, which is why we have over 50 videos!