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What is Capstone Connection?

Capstone Connection started as a help to 3rd year electrical apprentices as an alternative to the usual training organisation’s offerings. Well, that is how it started but very quickly it morphed into a Capstone oriented format as about 80% of capstone is learnt in the 3rd year. The site membership has grown over the last 3 years purely through word and mouth of apprentices as this is what they wanted. There is no YouTube videos so no distracting adverts. Videos are kept to 5-7 minutes maximum to give you short sharp learning in chunks that you can digest and in a language you can relate to. 

Yes, there is membership but it is free, this way we can keep a bit more control on the content (it has taken 100’s of hours developing this stuff) and access is for 10 weeks which should be more than enough time in to study in the leadup to capstone. Should it expire just send a quick email and an extension can be had (an explanation would be nice too). No probs!

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