I've Finished Capstone Now How Do I Get My Licence?

So I’ve done the studying and have successfully completed capstone.  So what do I have to do to get my licence?  I’m going to refer to the process in Queensland but there will be a similar process in every State, just that the forms or organisations will be called something different (maybe you could let me know).

Form ATF-012 – Completion Statement by Supervising RTO, employer and Apprentice

The Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will give you Form ATF-012, this form is then filled out by your employer and yourself and come to an agreement to set a completion date for your apprenticeship but only if your eProfiling is deemed Capstone ready and benchmarks are met.  This date cannot be any earlier than five working days from completion of Capstone to allow for the RTO administration to confirm and enter your results for Capstone.  Also, the completion date must be within six months of the nominal apprenticeship term of usually four years, ie: minimum 3 ½ years.

Be aware that the completion date means that you cannot do electrical work as you are not licenced as an electrician or under a training contract (apprenticeship), most people will work under the restrictions as a trades assistant until they get their licence.

ESO Form 10 – Application for Electrical Work Licence

On your completion date (and not before) you email a completed Form 10 to the Queensland Electrical Safety Office.  This is an application for an electrical licence.  Soon after you will probably get a letter from the ESO stating that they have your application but have not received the confirmation of apprenticeship completion (ATF-012), do not worry!  They will get it eventually, you cannot expedite this!  What happens is that the completion form goes to the RTO where they have to audit your records and then if all is okay then the RTO notifies the Queensland Department of Employment, Small business and Training (DESBT) that you are ready to go.  This will take a minimum of three weeks (usually 4-6 weeks).

Once DESBT are notified then they will give the okay to the ESO.  The ESO will then issue you a licence.


·         Talk to your boss and come to an agreed completion date.

·         Submit Form ATF-012 to your Registered Training Organisation.

·         On the completion date submit Electrical Safety Office Form 10 applying for an electrical licence.

·         Wait patiently for you licence to arrive.  Do not forget that you do not have a licence or training contract to allow you to do electrical work.

So there you have it.  I hope this is a help, States other than Queensland may be slightly different, if that is you then ask your RTO for guidance.


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