Capstone Stress

I’m stressed about Capstone, what do I do?

There is no doubt at all, Capstone is a very stress full time and it starts when you get that letter in the mail proudly announcing that you have an appointment at such and such date, where you will be required to show some nob that you are worthy of an electrical licence.

You can do it!

Your Capstone may commence anything from 10 to 6 weeks (or less, eek!) from notification and your mind will race with possible good and bad scenarios giving rise to swings of emotion that can be detrimental to your wellbeing.  This is a really good time to just stop and reflect.  You can do it, you are not going through four years of learning your trade and not achieve your goal, the golden grail that is ….. the Electrical Licence.  You will get your licence, even if it takes a few goes.  For most, this is that time where you need to put in a bit of concentrated effort.

The people around you

In my previous post “I have a date with Capstone, what now?” I outlined that you need to have a plan, then work your plan.  Don’t overdo it!  Get decent rest so that you are in fine mettle to study.  Get the people around you to support you in your efforts and you can do this by explaining to them that you are on the home run and like any athlete need to concentrate and keep your eye on the goal.  It’s only for a short period of time then things will be back to normal, communication is the key and this is really important if you have a young family that takes up a lot of your time and energy.  Some apprentices organise study sessions away from home (say at a library or parent’s place) to get the study time without distractions.

Checklist your progress

Make a list of the subjects you need to cover and tick them off as you go, this will give you a visual reminder that you are achieving what you set out to do.  Make the most out of any prep courses that may be available at a training organisation, to do this study the subjects before attending the classes and use them as a practice Capstone to test yourself then afterwards you can target the areas you are lacking in.  This website Capstone Connection will help you with your prep.

Take a break

It is good for your wellbeing to take a few days off from studies half way through your plan.  This will revive you if you make sure it is a clean break away from your studies.  Get out for a weekend away from the place you usually study, spend time with someone you like to spend time with.  Breathe.

When the stress is really high

This is a warning sign that you need to talk to someone, right now!  Talk to your partner, talk to a teacher or even a councillor.  Most training organisations have a free counselling service.  You would be surprised how much that expressing your thoughts can be such a relief.  There are services online and apps that can help too, such as:

Beyond Blue :

This Way Up :

Mental Health Online :

Mensline :

Health Direct :

Inspiro :


  • Plan your study time
  • Plan some downtime
  • Be realistic, get help if you are worried in any way

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