eProfiling and what you should be doing


The thing that sets a trade apart from other occupations is that there is specific theoretical knowledge to be learnt which is coupled with skills, developed in conjunction with experience.  The licencing board needs proof that you have gained this experience and it has always been in the form of a log book of sorts.  In this modern age we now have electronic logbooks in the form of eProfiling.  So nothing has really changed just the way it is submitted.

Electronic Profiling

The eProfiling matches the particular areas of work with the theoretical content that you have learnt and this is why you are not deemed competent in a subject until you have gained sufficient experience in those areas.  It also manages where you should be for the year level in your apprenticeship and indicates whether you are capstone ready.

Getting Your Profile To Look Good

One mistake that people make is that they do not enter in enough of the scope of work done in the core areas.  Some aspects of the profiling looks at how many hours experience you have done but there is another aspect where it is the amount of times you have done it.  So do not be too general, account for all the work you have done.

The Big Stick

It is a requirement of your apprenticeship contract that you log your work weekly.  Too many people do not log their work until they get notification from somebody up high to get it done or else.  Then you have to try and think back what you did.  Now I don’t know about you but I’m flat out remembering what I did two weeks ago let alone 12 weeks ago!  Failure to meet your contractual obligation can see you plonked with a fine.  I’ve seen $250, $400 and $600 fines handed out.  If you get a fine then be warned that if this continues then you are well on track to have your apprenticeship cancelled.  And guess what, after you pay the fine, you still have to log the work and you are now red flagged. 

Just Do It!

So do yourself a favour and just log your work ….. weekly.  I mean really, how long does it take to fill out your weekly log?  One beer, two beers?  You can have fun with a six pack on a Friday night.  Do it every week and your apprenticeship will go a lot easier.  Remember, your boss can’t sign off your work if it has not been submitted.


  • Do it every week.
  • Fill it out showing the full scope of work done.
  • Avoid copping a fine or worse.

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