Armchair Observations - These are opinions only!

9th March 2020 - What voltage for IR testing?

I often get students telling me (in their most serious voice) that for insulation testing that you must use at least double the voltage that the cable is normally supplied with …..

25th February 2020 - eProfiling and what you should be doing.

The thing that sets a trade apart from other occupations is that there is specific theoretical knowledge to be learnt which is coupled with skills, developed in conjunction with experience.  The licencing board needs proof …..

17th February 2020 - I've Finished Capstone How Do I Get My Licence?

So I’ve done the studying and have successfully completed capstone.  so what do I have to do to get my licence?  I’m going to refer to the process in Queensland but there will be a similar in every State …..

9th February 2020 - To Breathe or Not to Breathe.

As an electrician it is a requirement to maintain currency with low voltage rescue (LVR) and CPR.  The most common statement I get from students regarding CPR during Capstone is “no breathes, breathing is out, there is no requirement”  …..

3rd February 2020 - Isolation, Lockout, Tag and Test - The Fundamental Intent.

I keep getting asked by apprentices preparing for Capstone which way they should do their isolation procedure.  And there it is, that word ….. “procedure”…..

28th January 2020 - Low Voltage Gloves.

The Issue with LV Gloves

Frequently I get told by apprentices, in no uncertain terms I may add, that if low voltage gloves are worn then I have to have three sets of gloves …..

19th January 2020 - Capstone Stress.

I’m stressed about Capstone, what do I do?

There is no doubt at all, Capstone is a very stress full time and it starts when you get that letter in the mail proudly announcing that you have an appointment at such and such date, where you will be required to show some nob that you are worthy of an electrical licence …..

13th January 2020 - I have a date with Capstone, what now?

Capstone is a term commonly used in Queensland for the final exams which lead to licencing as an electrician.  These exams are based on the unit of competency UEENEEG105A “Verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations”, which is from the Australian national package UEE11 …..

12th January 2020 - A new year, a new website.

Well it is a new year and with the new year I have changed the website …..